Women's Seminar 2017

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Reading materials:

Reading pack with program [1]

Capitalist globalization, imperialisms, geopolitical chaos and their implications [2]

Social upheavals, fightbacks and alternatives [3]

Towards a text on Role and Tasks of the Fourth International [4]

Struggles, demands and ecosocial strategy [5]


“Women’s Marches: from protest to movement?“ [6]

“How Was the March 8 International Women’s Strike Woven Together?“ [7]

“Feminists are currently leading the way” [8]

“Feminist Organising and the Women’s Strike: An Interview with Cinzia Arruzza“ [9]

“Argentina’s Life-or-Death Women’s Movement“ [10]

“A new feminist movement in Italy is on the move“ [11]

ILO report summary [12]

Whole ILO report [13]


Britain [14] , her list of abbreviations [15]

Phillippines [16]

Portugal [17]

Turkey [18]

Brazil [19]

Lebanon [20]

Additional material

1991 resolution on positive action for women [21]