International LGBTIQ Strategy Seminar 2016

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Saturday 6 August

09.30 Introductions of seminar and participants

14.00 Theme 1: The situation of lesbians in 21st century capitalism

Introduced by Indonesia, Agathe (France)

Sunday 7 August

10.00 Theme 2: Trans/Intersex issues

Introduced by Alice (Portugal), Vreer (Netherlands), Chloe (France)

14.00 Theme 2: cont

Monday 8 August

10.00 Theme 3: The role of LGBTIQ people in the contemporary uprisings

Introduced by Anthony (Lebanon) Brazil

14.00 Theme 3 cont.

Tuesday 9 August

10.00 Theme 4: The relationship between imperialism and homophobia, the ways homonationalism and homophobia feed each other, and how this complicates LGBTIQ identities

Introductions: Tareeq (Palestine), Brazil, Peter (Netherlands)

14.00 Theme 4 cont

Wednesday 10 August

10.00 Balance sheet and future plans

12.30 Departures