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The institute is located in the borough of Zeeburg in the Eastern part of Amsterdam. The address is:

Lombokstraat 40



An interactive map indicating our location and surroundings is available here.

From the Airport

Arriving at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport you can take the train to Amsterdam Central Station (and then change) or to Amsterdam Muiderpoort (10 minute walk).

When you get to Schipol Airport, once you have passed through the “Nothing to declare” doors, you come out into the huge airport entrance hall. Here you will find plenty of machines selling train tickets (with the blue sign and white 'NS' logo across the top). There are also windows where you can buy tickets from a human being (next to the Starbucks coffee shop). Don't worry: the signs say something like “Credit cards with PIN numbers only,” but you CAN pay cash, euros, of course. There, ask for a ticket for Amsterdam Central Station - or Amsterdam Muiderpoort if you wish to take the train to the institute, and the ticket seller will tell you what time the next train is and which platform to get it on. The ticket cost is 5 euros, it is a disposable chipcard that you need to open the portals when entering and leaving the train station.

From there you take the escalators down to the train platforms and take the train indicated top you. When you get to Amsterdam Central Station, there are both escalators and an elevator you can choose from on the platform (depending on how many bags you may have, for example) to go down to the hallway to the exit.

From the Central Station

From the Central Station you have three options:

1) Take the train from Amsterdam Central Station to “Amsterdam Muiderpoort”. This is a short 5 minutes ride, but leaves you with a 10 minutes walk from the station to the Institute [see the map]. A train ticket from Central Station to Muiderpoort is 3,50 euros. If you arrive with Thalys or ICE you need to buy a new ticket at Amsterdam Central Station.

2) Take a bus from outside the Central station. The bus stop for Bus 22 is at the back of the station towards the river Ij. Take Bus 22 towards Muiderpoort. You need a ticket for Javaplein, it costs 4 euros. Please note that it is no longer possible to pay by cash on buses, including night buses. Payment by debit or credit card is possible, as well as using a public transport chip card. These chipcards can be bought at different locations, including the white 'GVB Tickets & Info' in front of the station.

The stop is called Javaplein.

The trip takes about 10-15 minutes. The bus has an electronic sign inside that announces the name of the stop and the name also comes over the loudspeaker. You request a stop using the yellow buttons on the walls of the bus and next to the door. When you get off at Javaplein, walk along Borneostraat, keeping to the road with the tram tracks. At the second corner, Lombokstraat, turn right. Number 40 is the second door on the left. You've arrived!

3). You can also take Tram line 14, destination Flevopark, from in front of the station. The stop is also called Javaplein. Fare and payment as for the bus.

From Amstel Station

From Amsterdam Amstel station (arrival point of Eurolines buses) you can either take the train or bus 15 or 37 to Muiderpoort station.

See the entrance of the Institute with Google Maps Streetview (to the left)

How to get tickets

On buses and trams you can buy 1 hour (€ 4) or 24 hours (€ 8,50) tickets on board. If you go by metro (not likely because of our location) you will need to have a chipkaart.

The 'OV-chipkaart' is a rechargeable electronic pass which you load with money that is deducted as you use it. You have to ‘‘‘check in‘‘‘ with the card and ‘‘‘check out‘‘‘ when you leave the bus/tram/metro. You can get an anonymous card at the "GVB info" at the Central Station, which can be reloaded at numerous locations throughout the city (including most Albert Heijn supermarkets) with cash, and in Central Station in front of the Starbucks with foreign bankcards. The card itself costs € 7,50, it is valid for four to five years.


Paid parking is possible in the streets around the IIRE. The price is € 4.50,- per hour Monday - Saturday 9.00-21.00.

There is free parking at Diemen station, just outside the city limit. From there you can take a train (4 per hour) to Amsterdam Muiderpoort, which is 10 minutes walk from the institute. This parking spot is popular among people who work in Amsterdam, so it might be hard to find a place on workdays 8-18.

A more economic solution is to use the Zeeburg P+R from where you can take bus 37.

There are regular break-ins to cars in the neighbourhood, so we strongly encourage you to empty the car completely.

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