Ecosocialist School 2022

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Saturday 19 November,
15.00 Introduction to the school

Sunday 20 November
1. Introduction to Marx's thought and method - CAS
Alex Merlo

- Place of Marxism in history

- Self-activity

- Historical Materialism

Monday 21 November
2. Introduction to the Marxist critique of political economy - CAS
Alex Merlo

Tuesday 22 November
3. The struggle against racism - FRE
Leila Mathias

- Historical roots of racism in colonialism and imperialism

- Institutional racism and racist ideologies today

- Migration and migrant solidarity

Wednesday 23 November
4. What is Class? - ENG
Maral Jefroudi

- What is the working class? The notion of class in Marx and Marxism

- The historical changes in the class composition of the working class

- The working class today

Thursday 24 November
5. Women's movements fighting for gender and sexual liberation - ENG
Penelope Duggan

- A Marxist-feminist analysis of women’s oppression and exploitation

- Gender, sexuality, intersectionality: the question of oppression in a broader framework

- Women's liberation struggles

Friday 25 November
6. Imperialism and geopolitical disorder 2022 - CAS
Ana Cristina Carvalhaes

- Classic theory of imperialism

- US imperialism and emerging new powers - towards a multipolar world?

- Imperialism in disorder: from the 1930s to Brexit and Trump

Saturday 26 November
Free day

Sunday 27 November
7. LGBTIQ movements and liberation - ENG
Peter Drucker

- Marxist view of LGBTIQ oppression

– heteronormativity, gender identity

- Rightwing attacks

Monday 28 November
8. What's Ecosocialism? - FRE
Christine Poupin

Tuesday 29 November
9. The war in Ukraine and its impact - ENG

Wednesday 30 November
10. Revolution and counter-revolution in the Middle-East - FRE
Joseph Daher

- Socio-economic roots of the Arab uprisings and dynamics of the process

- Reactionary counter-offensives and the role of the Left

- The role of global and regional imperialist forces

Thursday 1 December
11. China's changing international role - ENG
Au Loong-Yu

- The changing character of China

- The rise of China as a global power

- China on the world stage

Friday 2 December
12. Debt - a tool of neocolonialism in Africa - FRE

Evening: "Marx is Back" by Roberto Bacchilega of Astaro Theatro

Saturday 3 December
13. Free Day

Sunday 4 December
14. Long waves in contemporary capitalism - CAS
Daniel Albarracin

- The Marxist analysis of crisis, rate of profit

- The theory of long waves

- The neoliberal answer to the crisis since the 1980's

Monday 5 December
15. Social movements and struggles in Latin-America - CAS
Luis Rangel

Tuesday 6 December
16. Self-organization and internal democracy - FRE
Nadia De Mond

Wednesday 7 December
17. Climate crisis and the need for social transformation - CAS
Manuel Garí Ramos

- Linking climate change and social struggles

- Sustainability and democracy

- Transitional demands

Thursday 8 December
18. Transitional program: socialism or barbarism - ENG
Catherine Samary

Friday 9 December
19. The strategic role of internationalism and the need for an international - ENG
Penelope Duggan

- Historical aspects of the Four internationals

- World capitalism and internationalism

19. Saturday 10 December
Evaluation, cleaning

Structure of the day

9.30-10.00: Lecture part 1

10.00-10.10: Break

10.10-10.40: Lecture Part 2

10.40-10.50: Break

10.50-11:20: Lecture Part 3

11.20-11.30: Break

11.30-12.15: Questions and answers

12.15-14.45: Lunch and time for individual reading

14.45-16.15: Discussion in language groups

16.15-16.30: Break

16.30-17.10: Final discussion starting with reports from the groups. Part 1

17.10-17.20: Break

17.20-18.00: Final discussion. Part 2

18.00-19.30: Reading time

19.30: Evening meal