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[http://4edu.info/images/4/40/Rizk_et_al._2015_Masculinity_under_threat.pdf Rizk and Makarem (2015) "Masculinity Under Threat": Sexual Rights Organizations and the Masculinist State in Lebanon]  
[http://4edu.info/images/6/64/SexualityandSocialismreport_LebanonandArabcountries_full-2.pdf Sexuality, Socialism and the Contemporary Uprisings: A focus on Lebanon]  

Rizk, Zanhour and Makarem (2015). Sexuality and Socialist Organizing in Lebanon
[http://4edu.info/images/9/9a/Excerpt_from_Scott_Long%27s_Cairo%2C_and_our_comprador_gay_movements.pdf Excerpt from Scott Long (2016). Cairo and Our comprador gay movement]

[http://4edu.info/images/e/eb/23._Darwich%2C_Lynn._2010..pdf Lynn, Darwich, 2010. Framing visibility: Coming out and the International LGBT Spectrum of Progress]
[http://4edu.info/images/2/2e/Talking_back_Masculinity_and_the_right_time_for_politics_Mada_Masr.pdf Background: Dina Makrem Ebeid (2015). Talking back: Masculinity and the right time for politics]

[http://4edu.info/images/e/ee/10._Qubaia_2014.pdf Qubaia and Gagne (2014). Sexualizing & Villainizing Male Syrian Refugees in Lebanon]
[http://4edu.info/images/1/16/FINAL_-_TheroleofLGBTIQpeopleinthecontemporaryuprisingsAnanalysisfromtheBrazilianrealitytc.doc The role of LGBTIQ people in contemporary uprisings. An analysis from the Brazilian reality]
[http://4edu.info/images/d/d5/Saleh_and_Qubaiai_2015_Transwomens_navigation_of_Arrest_and_Detention_%28EN%29_Saleh_and_Qubaia.pdf Saleh and Qubaia (2015): Transwomen's navigation of arrest and detention in Beirut]
[https://paper-bird.net/2016/06/22/cairo-comprador-gay-movements/ Scott Long (2016) Cairo and our comprador gay movement.]

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