IIRE Economy Seminar 2014

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List of sessions and documents for discussion


1. Rate of profit, overaccumulation and indebtedness: the causes of the crisis

2. The power of financial capital and its links with productive capital.

3. The strategies of the ruling class and the "austeritarian" program in Europe

  • Cedric Durand

4. How to confront financial power. The debate around debt annulations and euro-exit.

5. Crisis, development and new models in Latin America

6. Strength and fragility of the new emerging economies: a disconnection of the center and the periphery? The case of Brazil.

7. The case of China: a changing role in the world economy.

8. The world car industry in the crisis.

9. Considering the main tendencies of the capitalism in the crisis: what can we say of a post-crisis capitalism?

10. Which emergency program for an anticapitalist exit of the crisis? What do we stand for?

11. Other documents