Global Justice School 2008

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Global Justice School 2008

See also readings from the Global Justice School 2005

29 March – 19 April 2008

I. Globalization: the world transformed

Blog from the first days of the school, by John, USA

29/03 Introduction to the session

30/03 The political economy of globalization: towards a new mode of accumulation? Braulio.

31/03 Globalization and social re-composition, I: What has become of the working class? Antonio.

1/04 Globalization and political re-composition, II: The Role of the State in Africa Antonio.

2/04 Globalization and social re-composition, III: causes and effects of migration. Murray

3/04 Globalization and social re-composition, II: gender. Nadia


5/04 Globalization and social recomposition, V: Globalisation, climate change and alternative development. Daniel Tanuro

II. Strategic challenges

6/04 Globalization and social recomposition, V: LGBT communities and struggles in the dependent world. Peter

7/04 Globalization, nation-states, and the challenges of nationalism, communalism and ‘identity politics’. Peter

8/04 Alternative policies, I: "de-linking" or a different globalisation? Stéphanie Treillet.

9/04 Globalization and global disorder, I: US empire and resistance. Gilbert Achcar.

10/04 Globalization and global disorder, II: Religion and fundamentalism in politics — the cases of Christianity and Islam. Gilbert Achcar

11/04 FREE DAY

12/04 Globalization and political recomposition, II: European integration and the radical left. Ollivier.

13/04 Globalization and political recomposition, III: Developments in the Latin American left. Ollivier.

III. Alternatives: the politics of global justice

14/04 Alternative policies, II: rethinking trade and finance. Eric.

15/04. Globalization and political re-composition, IV: cracks in the Asian models. Pierre.

16/04 Globalization and political representation: international institutions, movements, social forums, thinking democracy. Pierre.

17/04 A new internationalism: subjects, parties and social transformation. Penny.

18/04 Confronting neo-liberal globalization, the globalization of resistance: taking power + Socialism C21 . Laurent

19/04 balance sheet (starts at 10.00) Cleaning and departure

Structure of each day

9.00-9.30: Lecture, part I

9.30-9.40: Break

9.40-10.10: Lecture, part II

10.10-10.20: Break

10.20-10:50: Lecture, part III

10.50-11.00: Break

11.00-12.00: Q&A

12.00-16.00: Lunch and time for reading

16.00-17.30: Discussion by language group

17.30-19.00: Concluding discussion, beginning with reports from each group.