Ecosocialist School 2020

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Structure of the meeting:

15-15.40: Lecture part 1

10 minute break

15.50-16-30: Lecture part 2

10 minute break

16.40-17.30: Q&A - debate


November 27: Introduction to the school

November 28: Alex Merlo: Introduction to critical Marxism

November 29: Peter Drucker: Imperialism and geopolitical disorder

November 30: Women’s liberation and intersectionality

December 1: Maral Jefroudi: The working class today

December 2: Hector Rivera The left and anti-racist struggles

December 3: Daniel Albarracin: Global economic turbulence

December 4: Peter Saxtrup: Climate crisis and ecosocialism

December 5: Catherine Samary: 'Socialism or Barbarism': The centrality of self-emancipation

december 6: Penny Duggan: The Fourth International and strategic debates today